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Vølve – handmade & organic skin care

When I was in Denmark I met Thea, the woman who created the brand´Vølve´: making handmade and organic skin care. I was quickly fascinated by her concept that unites herbal traditions and modern dermatology. I tried the foot salt, a body scrub, and a wonder ointment. Read about them here.

Her many products are exceptional based on the best of nature. Without harmful preservatives, artificial fragrances and other chemicals.

All Vølve’s products are based on Nordic plant extracts, which are extracted for their active and healing properties.

So depending on which skin you have and what effect you want to achieve, you can choose a product that fits that particular.

I chose the foodsalt with seaweed and beeswax.
And I have to admit it is great. I totally love the good smell of menthol that makes you relax (and the menthol seems lingering and inhibitory at the same time).
The salt softens the hard skin on the feet so that it becomes smooth and shiny …while the beeswax forms a protective layer that the skin can breathe through.
This salt is a must have at home.
It is also 100% handmade without the use of chemicals. Pure organic.
Subsequently, I add the wonder ointment number 1.
The ointment provides the skin with intense moisture and heals even very dry and irritated skin. It feels so good and makes the skin look all new and shiny again. I love it. The skin is rebuilt and balanced.
The ointment can be used for everything from nourishing night mask to foot care, soft baby chicks and rough bike hands. Suitable for the cold winter months. It Is definitely a must have as well. I love that it does not grease the skin.
Finally I tried scrub number 2 with marigold flower and chamomile
It is fantastic. I love that you can see the result immediately. (See how fresh my skin looks after having used it…wearing no makeup).
One’s skin seems young and new again. In addition, it smells good and the chamomile soothes and strengthens the skin, while the marigold flower is rebuilding the skin and combats wrinkles. The unrefined cane sugar exfoliates the skin gently and the oils add plenty of moisture to the new skin. It is not necessary to use other creams or lotions afterwards as the skin feels completely soft. I love it!!!
Vølve can be send directly to you. So don’t hesitate to order directly via the website or buy it while you visit Denmark. It is a must have.