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Fashion week in Paris: Interview with Valentin Yudashkin


This has indeed been an excellent day!!! Starting with a magnificent sunshine – and the sunshine continued all the way into the heart as I witnessed the new collection from Valentin Yudashkin! One might have thought that it was haute couture as thorough as it was! After the presentation I had a talk to Valentin Yadashkin about the collection.

I walked into a ballroom with high ceilings, gold on the walls and a majestic atmosphere! 

Discovered to my delight that I had room on the second row!


As the music started I was completely torn away. It was a fantastic choice of music combined with a unique collection (click on the pictures to see them in bigger size)




I freely admit that I sat and fidgeted with my foot to the beat of the music throughout the presentation- a pure excitement about the harmony that was on display.

As the presentation ended, I saw a nice lady who had the most beautiful little fashion dog.

Then I went backstage and got a short interview with Valentin yadashkin

Short conversation: 

I asked him:  ”What is luxury to you?”

Luxury is an idea for men and woman – an inspiration.

This time I was inspired by the 90´s disco style. In the 90´s an important style for men was developed: like the butterfly etc. These are important elements in todays women-fashion.

“So are you trying to take something from that time and bring it alive again today?”

Yes, it´s a fantastic idea for woman to take something from men´s fashion and contrary – to make an exchange – the gender can inspire each other. I see a great potential in that.

“Thank you” I said, and left the room with the press-release under my arm.