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Valentin Yudashkin, Fashion show in Paris,

Valentin Yudashkin´s Woman´s Wear W/F collection 2013-14 was sublime; actually the show that surprised me the most during Paris fashion week. A collection that in my opinion surpassed all of Valentin´s previous collections! Magical! Take a look at his russian winter-landscape here and judge yourself. After the show I had a chat with Valentin backstage: read what he said about luxury here…

Article and pictures by Julie Johansen

Valentin Yudashkin fashion show

As I entered the great hall of Hotel Westin the scenery in itself caused a wow effect: The beautiful russian winter landscape in the background created a fantastic Winter/Fall atmosphere…

Valentin Yudashkin

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Once everyone had found their seat the presentation of Valentin Yudashkin´s Woman´s Wear W/F collection 2013-14 could begin:

An amazing collection

Indeed an amazing show! I loved his interpretation of the russian winter: Catchy and precise: Snowflakes represented on the hats… Ice crystals represented in the dresses … the cold colors…and the perfect match with the song of freedom (reminding us of the freedom you find in nature – in the winter-landscape)… and within ourselves! All the details together underlining an enormous strength: Both within the collection, in nature and inside a woman: The snow-queens 2013-14!!!

Valentin YudashkinFantastic settings:

Valentin YudashkinRemark the great details:

Valentin Yudashkin Valentin Yudashkin

Valentin Yudashkin
 Valentin Yudashkin had used materials like: Wool, cashmere and silk for this collection… not to forget the traditional fur!
Valentin Yudashkin
Valentin Yudashkin        Valentin Yudashkin
Valentin Yudashkin
Valentin Yudashkin
After the show I went backstage to talk to the designer: Valentin Yudashkin about luxury
Valentin Yudashkin

What is the ultimate luxury to you? I asked Valenlin

“Luxury is good handmade work, not made in large-scale-production…it is quality fabrics and quality production. It is not a one-season fashion.“ Valentin answered.

Where do you find luxury in Paris?

In the Haute Couture and in the big couturier” he said.

I thanked him for the amazing show and went on to see his inspiration-board before I left.

Valentin Yudashkin