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Painting exhibition by Dominique Renson in Paris

The painting exhibition by Dominique Renson!!! Fascinating! I discovered it thanks to a friend of mine: designer Tilmann Grawe who had invited me to the opening. An exhibition that really touched me to the bones!

Article and pictures by Julie Johansen


It was incredible to enter her world of paintings: Seeing the video that revealed the process behind the creation of her pictures was just as fascinating…meeting some of the people that she had painted… It was a moment that really left a big impression!

The expression in her paintings: So real that it was like she had captured a fragment of the person´s spirit and made it eternal though a painting!!

Dominique Renson

I could have observed them for hours – wondering what the person´s story was!

Dominique Renson

Dominique Renson     Dominique Renson

Watch the video here: