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What is luxury?

If you look up the word luxury on wikipedia it refers to: The unique, the rare, quality goods, the expensive, the   exclusive… but what about happiness? Isn´t happiness a luxury? I saw this short commercial-movie about this and thought: What if we can all bring a bit of luxury into the world of others…have a look…

Article by Julie Johansen

I know that the famous and exclusive brands would like to have monopoly on the word luxury, otherwise everything would be a luxury…meaning that the word would no longer be a great added value…but what if there are several degrees of luxury? If we can all have a bit of luxury in our life? Would that be a disgrace for those who wish to feel exclusive? And what if those who actually feel like having it all could bring a bit of luxury into the world of others?

Perhaps we all can: Because someone who can not afford an education might feel profoundly privileged to get one, and feel like he´s living a luxurious life – because it´s rare to him. (While luxury can still be defined as the rare).

And I wonder: Isn´t real luxury also having happiness in our life? Would we truly be able to appreciate all of our expensive furnitures, cars or golden credit carts, if we were unhappy?

On my way, writing this blog about luxury in Paris, I have met several rich people, who in principe have the money to buy themselves whatever…yet, as I talked to them, I discovered that some of them felt unhappy because they were alone, or had developed superficial friendships while working so much, going to fancy places, etc. So I though, in order to really appreciate the exclusive and expensive things…shouldn´t happiness be included? I would say so.

That would also mean, that we all can bring a bit of luxury into the world of others – like in this video:

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