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In Fashion clothes at Chanel show

This season Chanel had kept it small, and only invited very important people to the show. I hadn´t got an invitation, so I stayed outside, and saw some pretty cool outfits instead.

I like when people dare mixing up different patterns and colors, as you see it above…It´s a way of showing an individual style, and even the mode they were in, the moment they chose to wear it. It brings colors to the world!

I would choose the dress you see above.

Vogue Chief-editor; Anna dello Russo wore a silver-dress, as you see above – that shows style!

What about the outfit below?

And then another elegant look…


When people had left the show I went on to Place Vendome, and had dinner with a friend, at café “Le Castiglione” – 235, Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris…they make some nice salads there.