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Fashion gathering, like Chanel´s

Grab the atmosphere from after the Chanel fashionshow

If you are going to throw a glamorous and fashionable party for your friends, why not get inspired by the chick Chanel aftershow atmosphere then? Here is the recipe. Perhaps you´ll get inspired by a dress, an attitude or the food, in order to arrange your own stylish party.










By Agent Luxe

Some guests left directly after the Chanel show, but for those who stayed there was champagne, chill-out-music and a breath of the glamorous Chanel atmosphere.


A chanel recipe:

1. What would a glamorous party be without the delicious light food, with toothpicks in it?


2. What about champagne and someone to film your guests? Why not send them the video afterwards as a little souvenir…you can always add up!


3. A place for V.I.P´s only! Even though your guests are important, it might be good to have a place that not everyone have acces to…it makes the atmosphere interesting and even more exclusive! In this case it was for v.i.journalists only, so they could have their interview with Karl Lagerfeld without to much disturbunce.


4. A glamorous dresscode:


5. Famous people and television


6. Invite journalists, to report about the gathering, then people will know that YOU are the one having the exclusive party!


7. Think about finding a great team of people helping you to organise the party…then you´re sure to have the absolutely best backup possible.

8. AND NEVER FORGET the amazing and appreciated goodiebag.