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Hesens Nomade Box – natural luxury oils

I just tested the new luxurious Hesens Nomade Box…a natural skincare set containing 3 freshly pressed extracts in an extremely high quality. I really love them because..

Each oil is pure and freshly pressed by their oil craftsmen.

Each oil is made up of a single ingredient that brings impressive results..and I am quite sure you can find one for your skin type as the set contains one for each…

– A green regenerating extract (4 ml): which is a freshly extracted hemp oil particularly recommended for dry, oily, irritated, acne, rosacea and mature skin.

– a balancing coudrier extract (4 ml): which is a freshly extracted hazelnut oil that works wonders on combined, oily and acne-proned skin.

Hesens oil– a hydrating protective extract (4 ml): a freshly extracted sesame oil suitable for all skin types.

You can use them alone to discover which one your skin prefers or mix them together for a reinforced targeted action.

The use is easy…you take 2 to 4 drops of your Extract into your hands..rub them together to heat it up..and apply it by light pressing from the inside to the outside on a slightly damped face.
Your Extract can be applied alone or added to a moisturizer.
You can also mix a few drops of your Extract with your foundation for a touch of extra shine.

I personally use them every day now and its the first time i have seen my skin so pretty. I often suffer from red cheeks but they have gone.

I am also crazy about Hesens time to market.
The fact that you can pre-order your oil every 1st of the month and for 7 days.. and have it made for you within fifteen days. This is the time it requires to press the organic seeds respecting an ancestral excellence process: the cold pressing.

The benefits of this quick time to market process is that you get an organic vegetable oil in a remarkable quality for a tenfold cosmic efficiency.

The brand is strongly committed not to carry any stocks, to limits waste and plant a tree for each preorder.

I really recommend you to try it. Buy the oils at