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Great vintage store in Paris

We women are always just looking, or at least we say we are, aren´t we? Until we see that little material thing that stares back at us from the window…then we simply just know that our day is NOT going to be the same without it. Who could leave a baby behind?? When it smiles at you and makes you shine forever! While our man is looking at us with a skeptic eye: “but you´ve already got a bag?” and we say: “Yes, but I don´t have this one”…and so it happens that even though we are just looking we still end up leaving the store with “a little black dress, bag or pair of shoes”…

Pictures and article by Julie Johansen

Just Looking, Great vintage store in Paris

So while you are just looking, you may just as well go look the right places! Where you can get the luxurious brands, and the good quality for less money!

Just looking, Vintage store in Paris           Just looking, Vintage store in Paris

Just Looking :26 avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris (Dépot vente)

 Great vintage store in Paris           Prada, Vintage store in Paris

This is one of the great vintage stores in Paris, where you´ll find all the great brands: from Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton to Hermes… Normally this is the kind of store that is TOO GOOD TO SHARE! But you deserve it 🙂

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