Best coffee place, Paris

20 great coffee places in Paris

In this article you´ll find: The best coffee-adresses in Paris. Not necessarily the glamourous places, but the best coffee!

Article and pictures by Julie Johansen

  1. La Caféotheque: 52, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville (4th)
 Métro: St. Paul or Hôtel de Ville

This shop is dedicated to roasting their own coffee, and aside from their café, offers courses in coffee-tasting and appreciation. A small and authentic place.

Best coffee places in Paris

2. Coutume Café: 47, rue Babylon (7th arr.)

The coffees here are extraordinary (but don´t choose the smoothie – it is not fresh made).

Best coffee places in Paris

3. Café Malongo: 50, rue Saint-André des Arts (6th arr.)
RER: St. Michel

68, rue du Commerce (15th)
Métro: Commerce

Café Malongo is also a good place to drink or buy a decent coffee. I often went to the one at rue du Commerce (which is also a great shopping-street).

4. Télescope: 5, rue Villedo (1st)

Small cosy place, that gives you an opportunity to try different kinds of coffee as well.

Best coffee places in Paris

5. Garden Perk: 21 rue Cujas, 75005 Paris, Metro RER Luxembourg

The coffee-shop Central Perk that you probably know from the tv-serie FRIENDS has been the inspiration to the new-opened Garden Perk Café in Paris. Nice place.

6. Espressamente Illy: 13, rue Auber (9th)
 Métro: Opéra, RER: Auber

A concept store and café for Illy coffee. Here you can be sure to get a real Italian espresso. 

7. Vélo Café: Place de la Bourse (2nd)
Métro: Bourse

8. Comme a Lisbonne: 37, rue du Roi de Sicile (4th) 
Métro: Hôtel de Ville or St. Paul

Portuguese coffee made with care. Be sure to try one of the delicious pastéis de nata tartlets with your espresso. There are only two seatings so you´ll probably have to stand, but the atmosphere and coffee is excellent and definitely worth trying.

Best coffee places in Paris       Best coffee places in Paris

9. Sugarplum Cake Shop: 
68, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (5th) 
Métro: Place Monge or Cardinal Lemoine

Organic and fair-trade coffee. American-style in a laid-back bakery and café.

10. Pozzetto
: 39, rue de Roi de Sicile (4th)
 Métro: St. Paul

Italian espresso.

11. Gocce di Caffè
 25, Passage des Panoramas (2nd)
Métro: Bourse or Grand Boulevards

The delicious coffee served here is shipped in from Rome and pulled by a genial Italian fellow. For a true espresso, specify a caffè ristretto (café serré.)

12. Lockwood café, 73 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris

Best coffee places in Paris         Best coffee places in Paris

13. Merce and the Muse: 1, rue Dupuis (3rd) 
Métro: Filles du Calvaire or Temple

A “New York-style” neighborhood spot. Here they brews a real drip coffee in individually filtered cups, as well as shots of espresso and other drinks.

14. Kooka Boora: 62, rue des Martyrs (9th)
 Métro: Saint-Georges or Anvers

This Australian import is one of the latest places to bring good coffee to Paris. There is outdoor seating.

15. Falafel Café: 1 Rue Bernard de Clairvaux: 75003 Paris

Here you can taste a real Liberian coffee. Really good!!! At the same time try their falafel.

Best coffee places in Paris

16. Café Lomi: 
9, rue de Saussure (17th)

Best coffee places in Paris         Best coffee places in Paris

Best coffee places in Paris

17. Tuck: 13, rue Lucien Sampaix (10th)

18. Le Rocketship: 13, bis rue Henri Monnier (9th)

19. Starbucks: Everywhere (and always good)

20. The broken arm: 12, rue Perrée Paris (3th) – Great coffee from Café lomi, and at the same time a concept store.

Good coffee places in paris