Choice of wine, Paris

“Salons des Vignerons Indépendants Paris”

Each year hundreds of independent wine producers participate in the “Salon des Vignerons Indépendants” in Paris, at Porte de Versaille, metro 12. Everyone are invited to this amazing event where you can taste wine like…

…Pommard, Chateauneuf du Pape, Volney, Savigny-les-beaunes 1ere Cru and hundreds of others. Even Calvados and sparkling Champagne. I believe it is impossible not to find a wine you like. In this article I´ll share the my favorites..amongst the ones I got to taste. Because it is basically impossible to taste them all, unless you show up each day. Here you go.

Article by Julie Johansen


Great Red wines 

1. Cotes du Rhone Route, 2014, by Chateau de la Gardine. Price: 6, 40€. Really good wine for the price and also recommended by Guide Hachette 2016. It has won the price “Medaille d´Or” in the Vignerons Independants competition.

2. Lirac Rouge Confidentielle, 2013, by Chateau de la Gardine. Price: 15,20€. Recommended by Guide Hachette 2016.

3. Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge, Cuvée des Génerations Gaston-Philippe, 2012, by Château de la Gardine. Price 54,50€. Really amazing. Recommended by Robert Parker Wine Advocate and Bettane & Desseauve 2015. (Find them at stand F71).

4. Savigny-les-beaune 1er Cru “Les Narbantons”, 2013, by Domaine Philippe Girard. Price: 20€. A great wine with a fruity taste. You can drink it to almost any dish. (Stand 30)

5. Château Belles Graves, 2007, AOC Lalande de Pomerol. Price 18,10€. This is a Bordeaux wine, 88% merlot et 12% Cabernet Franc. Really good to enjoy with duck or lamb.

6. Château Belles Graves, 2009, AOC Lalande de Pomerol. Price 19,40€. This is a Bordeaux wine, a 100% merlot. This is a bit more concentrated than the wine about.


7. Clos Labarde Grand Cru, 2010. by Vignobles du Clos Labarde. Price around 14€. Open it in the morning, drink it in the evening. A really good wine that I can strongly recommend.

8. Clos Labarde Grand Cru, 2012. by Vignobles du Clos Labarde. Price 13€. The same with this one: open it in the morning to drink it in the evening, it is still a bit young, but if you put it on a carafe the taste will be round and good in the evening. A good wine from the Saint-Emilion area.

9. Astreos, Cru Boutenac, 2012. by Chateau Saint Esteve. Price 12€. Really good wine at this price. Good to enjoy with a steak, comte cheese or as an aperitif.

10. Ganymene, Cru Boutenac, 2010. by Chateau Saint Esteve. Price 17€. This wine is a bit stronger and should be enjoyed with strong meat. (Stand D.76)

11. Chateauneuf du Pape – Lucile Avril. 2013. by Domaine Durieu. 

12. Chateauneuf du Pape – Classic red. 2012. by Domaine Durieu. Really good red wine. I bought 6 of those.

White wines

13. Pinot Gris – Cuvée Eline – Grand Cru, 2010, by Domaine Saint Rémy in Alsace. Price 14,90€. With a touch of honey with a fresh structure, this wine is really good for fois gras or dessert for example.

14. Gewurztraminer – Cuvée Eva – Grand Cru Hengst, 2012, by Domaine Saint Rémy. Price 15,30€. Aromes of roses, ananas, mango, spices. It stays for a long time in the mounth and is good with Fois Gras, strong cheese, dessert or as an appetizer.

15. Coteaux du layon, 2014 by Chateau de Belle vu in Val de Loire. Price 8,60. Good with roquefort cheese, fois gras, chocolate that´s not sweet or desserts that are not sweet.


Brut tradition by Etienne Chére. Price 15,50€. A really good champagne recommended by Guide Hachette in 2010, 2012, 2013.

Brut Millisime 2008, by Etienne Chére. Price 18,50€. A really good champagne  as well.

Cuvée Pauline 1/2 sec – Traditional Method, 2014, by Domaine du Clos de l´Epinay. Price 9,10€. Super. I bought this one.

Enjoy and see you at the next wine tasting in Paris.