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Sportmax, Fashionshow in Milan

I went to Sportmax fashion show in Milan to see the new tendencies and to look for new good inspiration. I arrived a bit early to observe how the staff were preparing everything for the show. Read about it here.

Article and pictures by Julie Johansen

Sportmax fashion show

The show was ought to begin at 10.30am so I arrived around 9.30am.

Bruno Rinaldi: Photographer for Vogue Italy was responsible for marking the spots for the other photographers. An Italian man named Simone helped him. He even marked a spot for me up front and wrote my name on. After having heard Bruno telling the story about how important it is to have a good spot, I saw this as a huge privilege: To be able to see the difference between having a really good spot and a less good one.


The PR staff were preparing the seats: placing a name-sign on it, adding a press release next to it. It´s definitely not random where the journalists are placed! There is a certain hierarchy: The row you sit on tells something about your status in the business. Both journalists and PR-people are aware of that so it´s important to the PR people that everyone are placed right. They also have to take into consideration who gets along with whom. So I could see some serious faces – trying to solve the puzzle.


The cameramen were getting prepared to film: Adjusting their cameras according to the light-conditions.

People slowly started arriving so the photographers equally started finding their spot.

Those who hadn´t found a spot tried to get one in front. It didn´t please the security guards: because they had received a strict order to make sure the photographers woundn´t cross the marked front line.

One of the photographers was outside the line so a security guy said to him: “You cannot cross that line

The photographer answered: “You are doing your job, I´m trying to do mine!”

They ended up finding a compromise.

…so the show could begin.


Oversized jackets and blouses.


Remark the strong winter-colors…



Watch out for: Big stripes…




Black is always back…






Black belts and leather dresses…