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A day in the studio with photographer Thomas Duchemin

Thomas Duchemin, Parisian photographer, invited me to spend a day with him in his studio to discover his art and universe. His self-taught knowledge about photography was captivating and revealed a true talent, driven by passion and passion only! Read how to get a photo session yourself and get in front and behind the camera during the session that day…

Thomas Duchemin pictureCapturing the human expression in an artistic way, playing with shadows, light and colors: Thomas Duchemin gets the best out in people and creates a moment forever remembered by the people in front of his camera… in this case Poline Nicolle, surrounded by flowers.

thomas duchemin photography

The humble and calm personality, combined with a sense of humor, is what makes Thomas Duchemin capable of making people relax and express their true emotions, which makes his pictures strong, fun and captivating…Eric Duchemin 2Eric ducheminHe has got an interesting creative concept, a variety in style… you could almost believe that his pictures were taken out of a movie, each telling a different story…Julie JohansenJulie JohansenJulie JohansenJulie Johansenphoto 3 copie 3Julie Johansen

See more of his pictures here: Thomas Duchemin Photography  

and get your own photo session, by contacting Thomas Duchemin on:
Tel: 06-38-39-24-06