The Seacret beauty

Recently I tested some of the Seacret’s beauty products, based on minirals from the dead sea. Read about them here, and discover why the dead sea minerals are working wonders.

About the dead sea minerals

At the border of Israel and Jordan, you’ll find some breathtaking crystalline salt shores: the dead sea. A real exquisite and therapeutic wonder. Here you’ll find amazing minerals, dense mineral-rich mud and brilliant clear blue waters.

The Dead Sea’s unique composition of natural minerals is produced from the dissolving surface salt created in the lake’s gradual water evaporation process.

The compound is then refined by the sun, which neutralizes the sodium chloride in the salt and leaves only the mineral-rich compound in the evaporation pool.

The final compound results in a total of 26 minerals, 12 of which do not exist in any other body of water, making this one of the richest sources of naturally occurring minerals in the world.

These minerals are used in the seacret products.

The seacret beauty brand harvest the minerals, mud, and nutrients from the dead sea, and bottle the benefits to deliver remarkable results for the skin and body.

Their slogan is: Health and beauty from the outside in…because some of the benefits from the dead sea salt should be; a more radiant skin, rejuvenation, refreshment, restoration, relief and recovery of the skin…

The seacret beauty products

I have tested some of their beauty products such as…

The Dead Sea mud. It is world famous for many things, for example its ability to gently open up the pores and effectively pull out dead skin cells, excess oil, sweat and other impurities from within the skin.

Applying a mud soap bar is a super straightforward and quick way to achieve a clean and fresh look and feel on any day, any time of the day – in the morning before work or after a long day.

The Dead Sea mud soap is made with naturally occurring mud extracted straight from the shores and the seabed of the ancient Dead Sea, bringing you a multitude of nature-powered good-for-skin minerals. These potent minerals are known to help nourish and balance the skin, stimulate microcirculation and eliminate toxins.

The seacret Radiance Hydrating Water

The Radiance hydrating water plumps the skin and adds an instant feeling of refreshment and helps refine the skintone.

You add it after having cleaned your skin – using a cotton pad.

The Radiance hydrating water also contains Hyaluronic Acid and adenosine to boost the skin renewel and add moisture to it.

It features a pro-youth Bio Shield Complex with moisturizing sulphated micro-red algae polysaccharide, plus yeast beta-glucan and exclusive FERMENT 21TM.
This patent pending biotransformation technology refines the micro-algue Dunaliella and Dead sea minerals into an exceptionnel fermant for an extraordinary skin experience.

It is equally enhanced with niacinemide, coconut oil, cactus and camomille extract to help smooth the look of fine lines, revitalize dull skin and deliver soothing moisture.

A really complete skin-care water.

The dynamic radiance essence

After the Radiance hydrating water you add a few drops of the dynamic radiance essence.

It contains a supercharged formula which helps revive the skin, boost the radiance and smooth the fine lines.
It infuses the skin with saturating Hyaluronic Acid and adenosine to help rejuvenate and boost the skin.

It is enchanted with aloe vera, soybean sterols, plus antioxydant vitamin E and carnosine proteins to fight free radicals while flooding the skin with moisture.

The Bio Shield Complex Supercharged Moisture Cream

After the dynamic radiance essence you apply the Seacret Supercharged Moisture daycream: an intense, long-lasting rich moisturizer, that helps plump, replenish, and improve the appearance of the skin texture, while helping to smooth the fine lines.

It is made of a luxurious creamy formula, with ceramides and adenosine that works to protect against moisture loss, while helping to boost skin renewel.

It also features the pro-youth Bio Shield Complex.

It is enhanced with precious argan, pomegranate, avocado oils…to intensely nourish, hydrate and smooth the vitamin E and carnosine to soften the skin and lock in the moisture.

A really complex cream!

The seacret beauty sleep mask

In the evening, after having applied the Supercharged Moisture Cream, add a thin layer of the beauty sleep mask.

No need to rinse it off in the morning.

This overnight beauty treatment with aromatic lavendin promotes nocturnal skin repair and boosts morning radiance.

It infuses the skin with Hyaluronic Acid while the swiss sprout extract works to detoxify accumulated waste leaving the complexion looking even toned, soft and clarified.

It also contains the Bio Shield Complex.

It is enhanced with natural antioxydant vitamin E, soothing camomile and allantoin. Additional salicylic acid promotes radiance while aloe vera helps hydrate and soften the skin.

What I like about these products is that they contain no parabens, no pesticides, no OGM…and they have not been tested on animals.

You can find all of the seacret products here.