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The Hôtel du Golf – Luxury in Deauville

Not far from the sea and the charming houses of Deauville you´ll find the splendid Barrière hotel – “Hôtel du Golf”. An excellent place to spend the weekend.

The Hôtel du Golf is filled with character and charm. Hôtel du GolfA fine combination of Norman tradition and modernity that reflects in both the exterior and the interior architecture and design, making the hotel much more than just a luxury hotel.

Hôtel du GolfWhen walking through the spacious corridor you feel like you are a part of a movie set…

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du GolfI spent the night in the Superior room, in a cozy, warm and delightful ambience. And as I jumped into the bed to try it, I felt like disappearing in a soft sky and I heard myself express a big “aaaaaaaaahh” as when you let go of all tensions in the body. Such an amazing bed! Need one like this at home. It´s the kind of experience that you´ll never forget. I´ve been dreaming about that bed ever since. 

Hôtel du GolfThe bathroom was stylish and cozy with it´s warm and relaxing tones of wood and brown granite. A perfect place to get ready for the evening…

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du GolfThe restaurant, romantic and cozy…made me fell like a queen for a night.


Here, the chef Ludovic Dumont seduced us with his creative cuisine.

As a starter I tried a delicious Fois gras with mango and ginger chutney.

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du GolfAnd a goat terrine with argan oil, tomato chutney and poilane bread. Very colorful and tasty.

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf

As a main corse I tried half a hummer with butter on a creamy risotto with sea almonds. Yummy..

Hôtel du Golf…plus Roasted lamb in a delicious porcini mushroom sauce with a touch of garlic. Served with potatoes. Hôtel du Golf

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du GolfFor the dessert I tried the 100% chocolate dessert…and I must say that if you love chocolate you will not be disappointed! I loved it. Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du GolfThe same with the Apple tart with fresh cream and calvados. It was amazing. Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf

If you are looking for a fun night out, you can always go to the Casino Barrière de Deauville and have champagne and spend some money. It´s great fun.

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf

Next day I enjoyed a great breakfast buffet while looking out on the beautiful fields…

Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf

And before I went back home I had time to play some golf…A perfect weekend. Find it here.