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News: Karl x L’oréal makeup collection

I’ve got news for you! The Karl Lagerfelt brand and L’oréal just launched a commun makeup collection: Karl x L’oréal. Discover it here.

I recently attended the launch of the new Karl x L’oréal makeup collection in Monoprix at the Champs Élysées in Paris…

A great moment…and special thought to the man that time after time fascinated the entire world. The man that dispite his serious appearance surprised me with his great humour: Karl Lagerfeld.

This evening was also fabulous for many girls…because a new beauty collection was launched…

I tested the paradise mascara, the shiny glow pouder and 3 lipsticks….What do you think? On the picture below you see the mascara and the nude lipstick…I personally love it.

Then the ‘kontemporary’ lipstick…

And the ‘kontrasted’..

I am normally never wearing pouder…but I like this one from Karl x L’oréal!!! It gives a fabulous glow.