Paris, Spa / Relaxation

Energymer – Wellness retreat in the 14th arr. of Paris

Are you craving for a serene retreat in the heart of Paris? Look no further than Energymer, nestled in the vibrant 14th arrondissement. Here you can step into a world of tranquility where everything is crafted to elevate your well-being. I spent 3 hours there and felt like a brand new person after.

The Energymer is situated in one of the charming and narrow streets of the 14th arrondissement.
It offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Zen Ambiance

From the moment I stepped in the door I was enveloped in a serene ambiance that instantly calmed my mind.

The soft lighting, tranquil music, and aromatic scents created a peaceful oasis and sat the stage for an unforgettable wellness experience.

The Sauna Experience

I started my experience in the sauna.

The dry heat should be good for detoxification. It should boost circulation, and relieve muscle tension.

And its true that after 10 minutes I felt deeply relaxed. A pure moment of bliss. A great way to let go of stress and worries.

The Eucalyptus Hammam

Afterwards I continued my wellness journey in the Energymer’s eucalyptus-infused hammam. Purifying and detoxifying for the body. The gentle scent of eucalyptus seemed to clear all senses.

I went out of there feeling completely relaxed and revitalized. A perfect way to unwind and let all tensions melt away.

The Body Scrub

To give my skin a special treat I continued with a luxurious body scrub.

The lady was extremely skilled. She used exfoliating blends to slough away the dead skin cells…to reveal the youthful glow beneath.
A great way to say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to a beautiful one, radiating of health and vitality. My skin felt silky smooth and radiant afterwards.

The Body Massage

To finish the experience in pure bliss I went in for one of Energymer’s body massages.

From Swedish relaxation techniques to deep tissue therapy, the skilled lady soothed all my tired muscles and restored the balance in my body. My mind drifted away on a wave of tranquility as all of my tensions were removed by this nice massage. It was amazing. A true sense of well-being.

The Face Treatment

The experience ended with a face treatment. It felt amazing. My skin was all revitalized and hydrated.


The 3 hours I spent at Energymer in the 14th arrondissement of Paris was a heaven of relaxation. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A journey of wellness  From the tranquil ambiance to the indulgent treatments, every moment was designed to nourish my body, mind, and spirit. I loved it. It reminded me that I have to do this more often. When did you last book a treatment for yourself?