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Fashion week in Paris Night: Le Bristol & W-Lounge

GREAT BARS: Where to go out during fashion week in Paris!

Today it was the bar at Le Bristol Hotel and W-Lounge. 

During fashion week people go to hotel Le Bristol: 112, rue Saint Honoré. According to fashion-sources this is the place to be during fashion week. Arrive after 11pm.

Dresscode: wealthy, very stylish and fashionable. There is a relaxed chill-out atmosphere. Indeed, it is an excellent place to be – particularly if you want to spend a relaxed evening in a top-luxurious ambience. The audience seemed to be about 35+ , Drinks: 20 euro +



After a while we went to W-lounge: 4, rue Mayerbeer. This is a great bar for fashionable people who wish a bit more action/ party ambiance.

It all depends on what you are up too.  Both places are HIGHLY IN and absolutely worth visiting!!