Best tea, Paris

Exploring the Exquisite World of Mariage Frères Tea Club

Every Saturday, the Mariage Frères Tea Club invites you to immerse yourself in a world of great tea, accompanied by soft music and delicious cakes. The Mariage Frères Tea Club is a haven for tea enthusiasts. During a few hours you will embark on a journey of discovery, relishing the finest teas. Discover it with me here.

The club’s commitment to excellence is evident in the selection of teas, ranging from natural to flavored, promising a diverse and satisfying experience for tea connoisseurs.

 The journey began with the distinguished White Tea from Assam, India—an exceptionally selective tea that exemplifies the highest standards and ethical harvesting practices. Priced at €90 per 100g, it symbolizes Mariage Frères’ dedication to providing reassurance and quality to its clients.

The Mariage Frères Tea Club’s palette of flavors extends to unique creations, including festive petit fours like fois gras with Christmas tea, poultry with blackcurrant and Christmas tea, and marinated salmon with apple smith and matcha tea infusion. These culinary delights complemented the teas, turning afternoon tea into a gourmet experience.

For those seeking a more natural and robust flavor, the Green Tea from Japan is perhaps for you—a slightly bitter I would say. 

The club offers an array of cakes for a festive afternoon tea, such as:

 A white cake with Burgundy blackcurrant, Christmas tea and vanilla.

A chocolate cake with hazelnut, orange and praline infused with Christmas tea.

An almond cake with matcha tea.

A Paris Brest with praline cream, orange and caramel—a nutty indulgence.

Scones with orange and crème fraîche. Pairs well with Maori tea.

The Mariage Frères Tea Club goes beyond conventional blends, introducing teas like Maori Red Dress Tea from New Zealand—a soft and round blue tea.

Plus the Yen Bai Pu Erh 2007 from Vietnam, a mature tea with a pronounced taste, often reserved for the grand finale.

I also tasted the Noël Rhapsody, a fragrant white tea that smelled amazing. I really loved this one. 

The Balthazar, a blue tea with indigo color, offering aromatic delights that captivated the senses. 

The Pink Milonga, a fragrant green mate with energizing theine, strikes a balance between natural and mild flavors, earning the admiration of tea enthusiasts. I loved this one as well.

As a grand finale, I tasted the Tea of the Year of the Dragon—a subtly flavored green tea that discreetly captured the essence of Mariage Frères’ commitment to providing the finest teas to its clients.

The Mariage Frères Tea Club is not merely a tea gathering; it is a celebration of exquisite flavors, harmonious pairings, and a sensory journey that leaves a lasting impression on every tea lover fortunate enough to be part of this.

I truly recommend that you try it.