About Agentluxe

Julie Johansen is a Danish girl living in Paris.

Here she writes about luxury and fashion, and guides you to the best places that she has discovered on her way: The top gastronomic restaurants, prestigious hotels, best coffee shops, fashion tendencies, spas and you name it. By interviewing people working within the world of luxury, she gives you an insight in what luxury is really about and what´s going on behind the scenes of fashion.

Julie Johansen grew up in Denmark…but her curious nature brought her to Brazil for a year, as an exchange-student in year 2000. That turned out to be a wonderful meeting with a new and inspiring culture. She saw how creativity could grow from even the poorest circumstances…and that luxury varies from person to person depending on what you already have in your life!

When she came back to Denmark she began studying communication…but longed for the adventure and the search for interesting stories to be told. So she went to Paris for a semester to finish her studies.

Here she was exposed to a world she hadn´t known before: The world of fashion and luxury!

When a friend of her took her to a fashion-show it was like a click. She discovered a world of passionate and creative likeminded.

Captured by the mystery that surrounded this inaccessible world, her curiosity was awoken and likewise the desire to tell what was going on behind the scenes of fashion, and what luxury can also be about: The story about the hardworking and creative people who put all of their energy into what they do, to inspire you and give color to the world with their new original designs and products.

At one point she got into one of the worlds biggest fashion PR agencies as an intern and that gave her an extra insight in the fashion business.

This became the beginning of a long and passionate journey.

6 months quickly turned into more than 8 years…

She started blogging for Danish fashion magazines and in 2013 she created her own blog: www.agentluxe.com to share with you her best discoveries within the world of luxury, Haute Couture, gastronomy and Paris.

Her slogan: “DREAM BIG”.

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